Simple Exercises to do with an Exercise Ball

It’s a common New Year’s resolution to lose weight, and every year, thousands of people worldwide decide that they’ll finally take the plunge and drop those extra pounds they’ve gained over the months. However, it’s not the easiest thing to do and requires a certain amount of determination and perseverance. Finding fun and exciting ways to reduce your food intake and exercise more can encourage you to work hard to lose that excess weight. If you’ve got a fitness ball or find that the thought of exercising with a rubber ball appeals to you, why not try out some of these simple exercises for beginners?

The ball crunch is a very popular exercise to do with your exercise ball, and there’s a few ways that you can do this. To start off, lie on your back and rest your calves on the ball. Put your arms across your chest and gently start to do some sit-ups. Have a few seconds rest after each one if it’s difficult at first, and you’ll be doing fifty at a time before you know it! Remember not to strain your neck or look at your knees while you’re doing this exercise, as you’ll feel your muscles straining and it will make it more difficult.

The ball bridge is a great exercise for your back. Your upper back should be resting on the ball, the rest of your body should be straight and your knees should be bent. Place your arms across your chest and gently lower your back down until you feel it’s far enough. Repeat this several times each day to strengthen your back and do some great exercises.

Finally, how about strengthening your arms with the use of your exercise ball? The ball biceps curl, specifically for toning the arms, involves standing up and leaning back on the ball (which is leaning onto a wall). Keeping your back straight, get some dumbbells and raise them up and down, just like you would without the ball behind you.

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