Why Women Prefer Bobby Socks?

The mid 1940s witnessed an upsurge in fashion industry with a sudden revolution in the way socks were worn which eventually became an all new identifiable fashion entity called a bobby sock. A bobby sock is essentially a type of sock that was characterised by its thick upper which when turned down, formed a volume at the ankle, much like ankle frills which gave an all new meaning to the style of sock wearing. These socks gained much hype by schoolgirls who wore these as a part of their school uniforms or informally with loafers or saddle shoes.

Bobby socks were known to be typically plain white but with changing times and style, these too experienced quite a change in the way they are presented now. Its not very uncommon now to find ornamental bobby socks with embellishments, lace or other decorative material on the folds and they are even designed to fold down to present a bow or a similar ornament on the back of the sock.

Historically, the term bobby sock has found no genesis and is assumed to have appeared in the year 1927 when the rigid societal norms had relaxed and permitted women to display their ankles openly. There is still a great enigma attached to the term bobby and no figure has been associated to have been the originator of the term. As suggested by researchers and experts of that period, it may have been derived by the much popular bobby pins which was quite in fashion during the same era.

The best way to wear bobby socks is to team them up with shoes like loafers or Oxfords which allow the socks to be clearly visible, not obscuring its identity in any way. You could even wear them with closed heeled shoes or even low rimmed boots with knee length skirts, capris or even full skirts which flare out at the bottom. Some women even wear dark stockings or leggings under them which accentuates the socks and the legs, giving quite high a fashion quotient to the entire combination. However, these socks should be strictly avoided at work place as they are mostly considered to be of casual wear and might even be objectionable at certain work cultures.

There are a variety of bobby socks available in the market with various patterns and designs and entire lines meant exclusively for young teens and even women. They could range from 5$ to even 50$, depending on the kind of material and quality you choose.

The most popular ones found on online stores are the retro look Victorian lace bobby socks which could be easily bought at 5$ a pair or a Bugatchi bobby which you can get at 12$ a pair. The other much sought after ones for women are the simple white ones with frilly lace that you can have for 8$ a pair or even less.

Bobby socks indeed have made quite a comeback and are surely being bought by the nostalgia of people that makes them walk the old memory lanes, to reminiscence the days and years gone by and times that can never come back. But what surely does come around is fashion and bobby socks are definitely a great beginning to that trend.

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