Fun new Family Movies being released in 2011 to a theater in your town

Each and every year a load of family friendly flicks is unveiled by the Hollywood companies and This year isn’t any exception.

Family shows are some of the most popular and economically successful films that Hollywood creates, which has meant that in the last number of years they’ve began to release extra titles.

Increase in alternatives is fantastic for any mother and father, and you can now now find shows that happen to be age suitable for even your kids.

It is never too early today to take your children on a trip to your regional theatre if the right film is screening.

Generally you will end up experiencing humorous animated features with big Hollywood stars voicing the leading characters.

These shows are great simply because they typically are also created to have entertainment value for grown ups too making it a fun experience for the whole household.

You will also probably wind up enjoying these films again and again once they have had their theatrical run. Your little ones will probably demand you buy them on dvd, so it can be fantastic to tell them that your family went to see it in a movie theater.

Striking nature documentaries also seem to now hit the big screen with greater regularity, which usually is great for mothers and fathers.

These film are beautiful and give a more educational experience beyond just amusing.

They are actually well worth seeing on the big screen where they have much more impact than when viewed on your home TV. Here is a list of upcoming 2011 family films to look for at your community theatre.

  *GNOMEO AND JULIET (February 11)


  *ZOOKEEPER (July 8)

  *PUSS IN BOOTS (November 4)

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