Top Tools for Media and Video Creation


In the marketing world Media and Video has played a very important role. More over these two marketing methods have become the most popular way for marketing. Media and video both offers you to make your ideas, plans, stories, products visible in the best way possible to the target audience. These have the power to fully engage a person into your products but if these are done in the wrong manner then it also has the power to bore the audience which in turn no one thinks of doing on purpose.

So we can clearly make put that these marketing techniques has more potential as compared to any other marketing forms but also if Commercial video production media and video creation is not done in a professional way with the help of perfect tools then it can also become a drawback for your marketing, so you need to be very specific about the tools of creating a media and video format. Let us see some of the top tools for Media and Video Creation:


It is an interesting tool to make media consist of a high quality of presentation, it also allows you to edit every single slide individually and more over you can combine all in a continuous flow to make a strong impression in customers mind. It is a bit complex and extra profession tool which makes it a bit difficult to master, but in a hand of an expert it simply works a s a magic stick of marketing.

  1. YouTube Editor:

This is a free tool to use, it give you may editing options with your youtube videos and allows you to add and remove different features to the video.

  1. Camtasia:

It is one of the most popular software amongst the users of Mac and Windows, this is a screen casting software which helps you to capture all the minute happenings on the screen and even lets you to edit and emphasize more on the important parts of the screen, URL, text, links, corners and different matters. It can easily put up a show on how things can work online.

  1. Animoto:

It is automated video editing software, it does all the work automatically and you just need to enjoy the show, it takes in the videos and processes it in accordance to a trial and error method. This gives a very beautiful combination of all the music, captured clips and photographs along with a very professional touch to the quality of the media.

  1. Stoome:

It helps you to make big media and videos as it enables you to download, upload and the most interesting share you work with others so that you can make the video as per all demand. These are generally used in events and big business presentations where team is needed to work on a same product.

  1. GoAnimate:

It is one of the most powerful tools of animation, it allows the users to select different types of animations and make a strong descriptive story video which can be a very powerful source of marketing.

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